Roof Ridge & Hip Repair Middlesbrough

Hall Aspects of Roofing provide a first class, professional ridge replacement and ridge maintenance service In Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas of Teesside.

The team at Hall Aspects of Roofing, are experienced in all types ridge repair and ridge replacement. Whatever your ridge requirement, be assured that Hall Aspects of Roofing will be able to assist you with all your ridge needs.

The Hall Aspects Of Roofing team have been installing both wet ridge and dry ridge solutions to households across Middlesbrough and Teesside for a number of years. No ridge repair or ridge replacement job is too big or too small for our experienced team. All work is carried out to the highest of standards.

We have a team of professional roofers who have years of experience between them. With a vast range of knowledge and skills, they’ll ensure that your ridge repair or ridge replacement is carried out efficiently and in a professional manner.

Roof Ridge Repair Middlesbrough
Ridge Installation Middlesbrough

Why replace or maintain ridge?

Ridges normally need attention more often than the rest of the roof

Missing or damaged ridge tiles result from weathering which has caused the ridge tile to crack or the mortar holding the ridge tile to crumble, resulting in water penetration. The crumbling mortar is normally visible on your roof.

Hall Aspects of Roofing offer both wet and Dry ridge solutions. Ridge tiles can be fixed in the traditional manner where they sit on a bed of strong mortar, or via a newer dry ridge system.

Dry ridge is a method of mechanical fixing by clips or screws that do not require a wet mortar mix. Either technique if done correctly will provide many years of trouble free service.

Ridge Replacement Middlesbrough
Ridge and Hip Repair Middlesbrough

The benefits of a dry ridge system are as follows

  • Will not blow off – There are many things that can affect the lifespan or bond of mortar bonded ridge tiles. Dry ridge however (as long as it has been installed correctly) will not blow off under normal conditions, greatly reducing the risk from storm damage. No more ridge tiles landing on the floor, car or conservatory after high winds.
  • Maintenance – Unlike mortar there is nothing to maintain, mortar mixes will degrade over time, sometimes prematurely.
  • Ventilation – Dry ridge provides discreet ventilation of the roof space and helps to stop any harmful build-up of condensation.

Dry ridge isn’t always suitable or desirable, especially on some period properties. The good news is there is an alternative to dry ridge, you can still rebed or re-lay loose ridges with mortar in the traditional manner.

If you’re in need of a ridge repair or ridge replacement in Middlesbrough or any of the surrounding areas, then be sure to make Hall Aspects of Roofing your first port of call.