Pest Prevention Middlesbrough

Hall Aspects of roofing offer a number of pest prevention solutions to customers in Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas to deter birds from being a nuisance to homes and business premises.

We are able to install a range of pest prevention systems covering everything from solar panels to roof eaves. Hall Aspects Of Roofing’s pest prevention solutions are installed by our experienced roofers who have all the skills needed to ensure a professional and efficient service is provided.

The Hall Aspects Of Roofing team have been Installing pest prevention solutions to households across Middlesbrough and Teesside for a number of years. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team. We ensure that we fully assess your pest problem and then install the most appropriate solution.

Pest Prevention Middlesbrough
Pest Prevention Measures Middlesbrough

Bird Combs

Hall Aspects of Roofing are able to install Bird Combs to your property. Bird combs are designed for use with concrete or clay profiled tiles. If you have any sort of roof tile with a profile that is not flat, it may leave open ends for pests like birds or squirrels to get in. The comb filler is a flexible grill which creates a barrier against birds and large insects, preventing them from entering the void between the underside of the profiled tiles and the underlay on pitched roofs.

Solar panels

Solar panels are being installed more and more on commercial and residential roofs across Middlesbrough, Teesside and the surrounding areas.

Hall Aspects Of Roofing understand what a nuisance birds are when roosting and nesting under your solar panels, we can prevent your pigeon problem and prevent the early morning wake up calls.

Hall Aspects Of Roofing’s pest prevention system is designed specifically to keep all birds from getting under solar arrays, protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from their damage.

By installing a barrier of mesh around the perimeter of the solar array we prevent the pigeons from entering, without the shelter of the solar panels the pigeons will have no choice but to leave your roof in search of a new area to roost

Bird Spikes

We can also install prevention bird spikes for deterring and stopping problem seagulls and bird deterrent spikes to prevent and deter pigeons and smaller birds from being a nuisance. These spikes are effective for use on roof tops, for stopping and preventing birds landing and roosting

If you live in Middlesbrough or Teesside and would like to discuss roof pest prevention solutions, then be sure to make Hall Aspects of Roofing your first port of call. Call us on 01642 323025 and we’ll be happy to help

Pest Prevention in Middlesbrough
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